i-cool Relaxing & Refreshing Eye Mask

i-cool Relaxing & Refreshing Eye Mask


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Introducing the i-cool Relaxing & Refreshing Eye Mask! This eye mask is designed to relieve stress and fatigue from activities such as working on the computer, cooking, watching TV, reading, and staying up late. It can also be used to cool down a feverish forehead or ease tension.

The mask contains Aloe Vera gel and a magnet to improve blood circulation. With regular use, it can help decrease eye lens issues, remove black marks below the eyes, and reduce eye irritation. It can even promote deep and restful sleep!

To use, simply store the mask in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before application. If the temperature is too cold, wrap a thin towel around the mask. Apply the mask over your eyes and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. You’ll notice your eyes feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated afterward, and it may even help reduce wrinkles and dark circles without the use of chemicals.

The i-cool Eye Mask is made from non-toxic, durable, and reusable materials. It provides full coverage of the eyes and is easy to use with its Velcro strap. Say goodbye to dark circles, wrinkles, stress, and fatigue with the Cool Gel Eye Mask!


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